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100+ Floods and Counting

CodeBlue is dedicated to delivering effective, industry-leading education to water mitigation specialists.


Springfield, Ohio

Eau Claire, Wisconsin

CodeBlue runs IICRC training courses out of their two state-of-the art 1,800-square foot Flood Houses in Eau Claire, WI and Springfield, OH. IICRC Training classes at these facilities are uniquely designed to give attendees true-to-life training on how outdoor conditions affect indoor drying as they use the industry's latest drying technology to mitigate a real water loss.

Courses are held in our completely furnished, flood house certified homes. We simulate a real water loss for each course by flooding these homes with over 1,500 gallons of water on top of structural materials and contents of multiple different types to offer a broad range of drying skills and hands-on training for each attendee.

Come test the industry's latest drying equipment! We use a broad variety of brands and models to show the importance of using effective equipment, offering unbiased feedback on each piece of equipment that is based on the science of drying from Ed Jones, an industry pioneer.

Spend 4-5 days with CodeBlue Elite contractors while earning IICRC approved certifications in WRT, ASD, WRT/ASD combo classes and AMRT.

Benefits of IICRC Certifications:

Stay up-to-date on the latest techniques and technology in your industry.

Stay competitive and grow by maintaining a reputation of experience, quality and professionalism.

Motivate and retain employees; training and education are key to providing a good work experience.

Why CodeBlue’s Flood House Classes?

Learn From The Best
Our Instructors are experts, both in the classroom and in the field.

The Flood House
Classes are taught in our unique, state-of-the-art Flood house Facility.

More Referrals
CodeBlue rewards bonus Network points to businesses who attend classes, which will increase your contractor status in the CodeBlue system and your likelihood of receiving referrals.

An Elevated Learning Experience
You will get hands-on experience - not just classroom lectures - we are well known for having the most hands on certification experience around.

Un-biased Equipment Testing
You're paying for expertise, not a sales pitch. We don't sell equipment.

Learn With The Best
You'll be learning amongst peers. Our classes are by-invite-only from CodeBlue's Contractor Network.

What our attendees Said

“This class is filled with useful information. CodeBlue doesn’t just teach what’s going to be on the test, they go above and beyond to better the contractors.”
- John Roso, Carrara Company

“If you’re considering attending a CodeBlue Flood House Class – Do it! Not only will you learn a lot, but they will teach you how to do it right the first time.”
– Mark Pfiffner, Brouwer Brothers

“Ed has done a great job teaching this course, he’s a very good instructor. He’s a knowledgeable man and he’s very methodical about how things should be done.”
- David Robinson, Rainbow International

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