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Virtual Claims Management: The Future Is Now

March 11, 2020

CodeBlue and Livegenic proudly announce that they have entered into a strategic partnership that leverages the amazing strengths of both organizations, including CodeBlue’s expertise and manpower along with Livegenic’s cutting-edge Intelligent Automation technology in a way that provides insurance carriers and their policyholders an unrivaled virtual claims experience that occurs immediately during the first notice of loss.

Livegenic’s remote video capture will be imbedded in CodeBlue’s 24x7x365 contact center operations, thereby enabling the policyholder more active engagement with the claim during the first notice process. By providing this unparalleled loss documentation, including close-up videos of the cause of loss, still photos, and measurements, insurance carriers will be able to verify coverage remotely – thereby eliminating the latency that is typically associated with conventional claims management by removing the need to physically visit the loss site.

In addition to being the foundation for a virtual claims strategy, this solution will undoubtedly prove critical for any carrier that is actively seeking solutions to minimize physical contact and contagion around the Coronavirus should it develop into a pandemic.

“In this ‘Amazon Now’ world, the days of simply being a note-taker during the FNOL process have long since expired; today customers are seeking immediate solutions to their problems, which is why we refer to the process as FNAR, First Notice And Response, not FNOL.” said CodeBlue founder, Paul Gross. “This partnership really allows us to focus on the “Response,” he continued. Virtual claims management is the way of the future, and the future is now here.

About Livegenic
Livegenic is a global provider of real-time claims collaboration and Intelligent Automation solutions. Our award-winning platform streamlines communication between organizations and their customers; provides advanced field capabilities; and delivers a variety of mobile self-service tools for customers. Our patented video technology enables organizations to use real-time and asynchronous collaboration to improve customer experience, reduce cycle time, and decrease costs.

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About CodeBlue
CodeBlue, LLC is the leading independent Third Party Administrator (TPA) for the property and casualty insurance industry working in the emerging water mitigation and managed repair industry. It is the leading provider of end-to-end claims management outsourcing solutions and focuses on Scientific Accountability and Scientific Accuracy to achieve Scientific Outcomes. CodeBlue returns policyholders to pre-loss condition in the fastest, most efficient, and least disruptive manner possible. It has more than 3,100 contractors covering all zip codes in the U.S., and using new technologies, proprietary software and its unique process improvement methodologies to deliver better results for carriers and their policyholders.

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